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Megham Karukatha Penne Song Lyrics in Tamil & English | From Thiruchitrambalam Movie

Megham Karukatha Penne Song Lyrics: Mithran Jawahar is the man behind the script for the Tamil film Thiruchitrambalam, as well as the film's direction. Dhanush, Raashi Khanna, Nithya Menen, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Prakash Raj, and Bharathiraja are some of the actors included in the film's star cast. Sun Pictures is the production company that was responsible for Kalanithi Maran's movie. Anirudh Ravichander was responsible for composing the score for the film. Anirudh Ravichander, who worked with Dhanush on their previous film Thanga Magan, has created the soundtrack and the original score for the movie. 

Megham Karukatha Penne Song Lyrics

Details of Megham Karukatha Penne Song and Lyrics:

Movie Name:  Thiruchitrambalam 

Song Name : Megham Karukatha Penne

Starring: Dhanush, Raashi Khanna, and Nithya Menen

Music Director:   Anirudh Ravichander

Singer: Dhanush

Lyricist:   Dhanush

Megham Karukatha Penne Song Lyrics in English:

Megham karukkaatha penne penne
Saaral adikkaatha penne penne,

Thegham nanaiyatha penne penne,
Theeyum anaiyatha penne penne

Kanbaashai pesinaal
Naan enna seivene
Confusion aagiraen ullukulle

Parakka parakka thudikkuthae
Pazhaga pazhaga pidikkuthae

Pazhaya ranangal marakkuthae
Penn thoghai varududhe

Parakka parakka
Pazhaga pazhaga

Pazhaiya ranangal
Penn thoghai varuduthey...

Megham karukkaatha penne penne
Saaral adikkaatha penne penne

Mannai thooral theendum munne,
Vaasam paarkkiren,
Mannai kooda bommai aakkum,

Nesam paarkkiren
Innum konjam innum konjam
Endru ketkiren,

Konjam konjam,
Innum innum,
Endru ketkiren

Ennodu serndhu vaazhum sogam ellaam
Kaatril poga paarkkiren,

Kaalgal pona paadhai ellaam,
Naan pogiren,

Ennulle moodi iruntha kadhavu ondru
Vetkappattu thirakkiren

Vaazhkkai pogum pokkil ellaam
Naan pogiren

Kanbaashai pesinaal
Naan enna seivene,
Confusion aagiraen ullukulle,

Parakka parakka thudikkuthae
Pazhaga pazhaga pidikkuthae,

Pazhaya ranangal marakkuthae,
Penn thoghai varududhe,

Parakka parakka,
Pazhaga pazhaga,

Pazhaiya ranangal,
Penn thoghai varuduthey...

Megham karukkatha penne penne,
Saaral adikkaatha penne penne,

Dhegam nanaiyaathae
Theeyum anaiyaathae,,

Megham Karukatha Penne- Lyric Video:

Watch the "Megham Karukatha Penne" Tamil song lyrics video from the "Thiruchitrambalam" movie.

This is their first collaboration in six years (2015). This is the first time that Anirudh has worked with Mithran Jawahar and the sixth time that he has worked with Dhanush. On March 4, 2022, the lyricist Vivek made the announcement that he would be contributing to the film by composing lyrics for one of the songs. While Om Prakash and Prasanna GK were responsible for the cinematography and editing, respectively.

Sun TV was successful in acquiring the rights to broadcast the movie Thiruchitrambalam through satellite. Sun NXT and Netflix were successful in acquiring the rights to stream the film online. The date of the movie's premiere in theatres throughout the globe is set for the 18th of August 2022.

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