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Vaathi Coming Song Lyrics in Tamil & English | From Master Movie

Vaathi Coming Song Lyrics: Lokesh Kanagaraj is the writer and director of the upcoming Lokesh Kanagaraj action film Master in the year 2021. Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi star in Xavier Britto's first production company, XB Film Creators. Other supporting actors include Malavika Mohanan, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Andrea Jeremiah, Arjun Das, and Gouri G. Kishan. During his three-month stint as a substitute teacher at a children's home, professor J. D. (Vijay) finds himself in conflict with the institution's resident mobster Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi), who uses the children as a scapegoat for his own criminal operations.

Vaathi Coming Song Lyrics

Vijay accepted Lokesh Kanagaraj's script in May 2019, and the film was released in August 2019. With Rathna Kumar and Pon Parthiban as co-writers, Kanagaraj wrote the script, screenplay, and dialogues. The official name Master was announced on December 31st, 2019, replacing the working title Thalapathy 64. Anirudh Ravichander created the soundtrack, and Sathyan Sooryan and Philomin Raj shot and edited the film.

Album and background music composer Anirudh Ravichander, with lyrics by Arunraja Kamaraj (music) and Arivu (lyrics) with music by Gana Balachandar (lyrics) and Bjorn Surrao (music). "Kutti Story," "Vaathi Coming," and "Vathi Raid" were the three singles that preceded the album's release. Launched on 15 March 2020 at the Leela Palace Hotel in Chennai and broadcast live on Sun TV, the audio is now available. Two tracks, "Vaathi Kabaddi" and "Master The Blaster," were introduced as part of the extended soundtrack album, despite the album's complete release. The album has been streamed more than a billion times on all music streaming platforms as of April 2021.

Details of Vaathi Coming Song and Lyrics :

Movie Name    :   Master

Song Name      :   Vaathi Coming

Starring           :   Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi, and Malavika Mohanan

Music Director:   Anirudh Ravichander

Singer          :    Anirudh Ravichander and Gana Balachandar

Lyricist             :   Gana Balachandar

Vaathi Coming Song Lyrics in English:

Male : Haaan…
Haan haan haan haan
Hak haan hak haan
Aeii enna da idhu
Sappa beatu – koluthungadaa

Male : Aaaah maja pa maja pa
Idhan idhan idhan idhaan
Aei idi daa vaanga daa

Male : Eh vaathi coming oththu
Aah aah
Aei oththu
Dhakka dhunna
Dompaa dompaa

Male : Hoi…..

Male : Annaa vandhaa atom bombuu

Male : Pilu pilu pilu pillaami
Pilu pilu pilu aaai..
Pilu pilu pilu pillaami
Pilu pilu pilu eeey…

Male : Pilu pilu pilu pilammi
Pilu pilu pilu pilammi
Pilu pilu pilu pilu pilu pilu
Vaathi coming oththu…..

Male : Oorragara katte…

Male : Aei tarukkula triple-u vutta
Salipila silpi thotta
Thogurula thagara vutta
Paguru aguruthaan

Male : Silkila silki vutta
Kilpula salttu thotta
Bijilila bilpi vutta
Jettak jarukkun thaan

Male : Aiyooo

Male : Peratti sollae peratti sollae

Male : Dumukku dumaa dumukku dumaa

Male : Annaa peratti vudu sedhara vudu

Male : Oththae…

Male : Aiyooo

Male : Annaa vandhaa atom bombuu

Male : Annaa peratti vudu sedhara vudu

Male : Vaathi coming…oththae…

Male : Pilu pilu pilu pilammi
Pilu pilu pilu pilammi
Pilu pilu pilu pilammi

Male : Aai chee

Vaathi Coming Song Lyrics in Tamil:

ஏய் என்னடா இது சப்ப பீட்டு


ஆ.. மஜாப்பா மஜாப்பா
ஏய் அடி வாங்கடா

வாத்தி கமிங் ஒத்து ஒத்து

டும்பா டும்பா
அண்ணா வந்தா ஆட்டம் பாம்


பிலு பிலு பிலு பிலாமி
பிலு பிலு பிலு ஏய்

பிலு பிலு பிலு பிலாமி

பிலு பிலு பிலு

பிலு பிலு பிலு பிலாமி

பிலு பிலு பிலு பிலாமி

பிலு பிலு பிலு

பிலு பிலு பிலு

வாத்தி கமிங் ஒத்து
உர்ரகரா காட்டே

ஏய் டருக்குல ட்ரிப்பிளு உட்டா

சல்பிலா சில்பி தொட்டா

தொகுறுல தகர உட்டா

பகுரு அகுருதான்

சில்கிலா சில்கி உட்டா

கில்புலா சால்ட்டு தொட்டா

பிஜிலிலா பில்பி உட்டா

ஜெட்டக் ஜருகுதான்

பெரட்டி சொல்லு பெரட்டி சொல்லு

அண்ணா பெரட்டி உடு செதற உடு ஒத்து

அண்ணா வந்தா ஆட்டம் பாம்


அண்ணா பெரட்டி உடு செதற உடு

வாத்தி கமிங் ஒத்து

பிலு பிலு பிலு பிலாமி
பிலு பிலு பிலு பிலாமி

Vaathi Coming - Lyric Video:

Watch the "Vaathi Coming" Tamil song lyrics video from the "Master" movie.

The film was shot in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Karnataka between October 2019 and February 2020 for a total of 129 days of production time. Critics praised the film's characterizations, cast performances, director, story, action sequences, background score, and soundtrack, but many also panned the film's excessive length. At the time of its release, it was the first Indian film to hold the top spot at the global box office. As a result, the film became one of the highest-grossing Tamil films of all time and also the highest-grossing post-pandemic Tamil film, despite its fragmented theatre release and early digital premiere. As a result of the pandemic and the film's success, many industry observers and exhibitors lauded the production team. A month after its initial release date, Master was made available in Malaysia.

The COVID-19 outbreak in India forced the postponement of the Master movie's original April 9, 2020, release date. The film's creators decided to hold off on distributing it on any over-the-top media service in favor of a theatrical release. On 13 January 2021, a day before Pongal, the film was eventually released in theatres after months of delays. It was also dubbed into Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi (named Vijay the Master) for simultaneous release. A Malayalam-dubbed version of Master was also released on 29 January 2021, making it the fastest Tamil film ever to be streamed on a digital platform after the producers linked up with Amazon Prime Video.

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